Meet Steph Cronin - Accredited Practising Dietitian - B Nutr & Diet

To Steph, health is more than just a passion, it’s a purpose.

The desire to work, live and respond to the health of others has been a result of two very different paths in Steph’s life: professional sport and family. However different, they have both ignited a deep desire to help others make positive changes to their health, and their lives.

Steph loves to support a range of different people, whether it be to improve athletic performance, disease prevention or to help create better and happier lives for people in a realistic and achievable way. Steph provides individualised nutrition advice and encourages those who are chasing a better life one mouthful at a time.

What do Dietitians do?

Dietitians create strategies to enable clients to achieve their food and nutrition related goals using evidence based practice.  They assess the nutritional needs of patients, plan appropriate nutrition interventions and provide nutrition education.

Dietitans can assist with:
– Weight Management
– Diabetes
– Cardiovascular Disease
– Malnutrition
– Fussy Eaters
– Gastrointestinal Disorders
– Food Allergy & Intolerance
– Coeliac Disease
– Aged Care Nutrition
– and MORE!

Please ring our Reception on T: 5493 3800 if you would like to make an appointment with Stephanie.

Private Health Rebates apply and
Medicare Rebates may be applicable.

To find out more about Steph please visit her website